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Our monthly meetings are usually held in the "Merry Room", at the Duxbury Free Library, 77 Alden St., on the first Wednesday of every month (except July and August).

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December - "Photojournalism, the Resiliency of the Human Spirit"

with Essdras Suarez

Date: Wednesday, December 7th @ 7PM

Location: On Zoom (Link will be emailed to members)


Essdras Suarez is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer. He has worked as a newspaper photojournalist for 20 years and has been a photographer for 25 years. Essdras considers himself not a specialist, but a generalist; his passion is photographing people.

Among his many news coverage assignments throughout his career are the Columbine High School shooting, the war in Iraq, and the Columbia Shuttle disaster, the bloody ousting of Pres. Jean Bertrand Aristide in Haiti and the Indonesia Tsunami. The evacuation of the Israel Gaza Strip settlements, the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing to name a few.

Essdras worked freelance for the Washington Post and for the ZUMA Press Agency. In 2017 he was the only photographer to get images of congressman (R) Steve Scalise after he was shot during a baseball practice in Alexandria. He more recently covered the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and that of Civil Rights leader John Lewis.

Suarez has also earned awards with his Travel, Portrait, Business, and even Product Photography. His images have been published in National Geographic, Time Magazine, New York Times and Washington Post, and many other national and international publications.

To learn More about Essdras and view his fabulous photographs, please visit his website at

Essdras Suarez

January - "Works of Abandon" with Keith Conforti

Date: Wednesday, January 4th @ 7PM

Location: TBA


Keith Conforti is an award-winning photographer who has built a body of work exploring the unseen world. His passion is to seek and document the overlooked, ignored and unspoken… buried just beneath the surface of our cities, towns and rural areas where the past lingers.

Join Keith for a presentation on his creative journey and process.


Keith Conforti has lived in Cohasset since 1996. He is a long-time member of the South Shore Art Center, North River Arts Society, Griffin Museum of Photography and others. Keith works professionally as a graphic designer and photographer. His visual style relies heavily on composition, honed by his years as a graphic designer, to create order out of nature’s chaos and randomness. His photos possess a silent dignity and structure that presents his subjects simply and honestly.

Today, Keith photographs all across the country. His primary interest is discovering abandoned and shuttered locations that have historic pasts with meaningful stories and captivating beauty (usually created by decades of neglect and decay). He has photographed prisons, theaters, shipyards, hospitals, schools, asylums, and mill complexes. Each place has a story to share about its past and how time, nature

and neglect have conspired to transform it. Keith’s art has garnered recognition awards from the South Shore Art Center, Griffin Museum of Photography, North River Arts Society, Weymouth Arts Association, SE Center for Photography in Greenville,

SC, the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. His commercial work has been published in the Cohasset Mariner and South Shore Living magazine.

See more of his work at or follow him on Instagram at

February - "Visual Depth" with Ken Sklute

Date: Wednesday, February 1st @ 7PM

Location: On Zoom (Link will be emailed to members)


Photographic artist Ken Sklute will share with you his thoughts, as well as, his "Tips & Tricks" with regard to creating very strong images in an informative and inspirational program called Visual Depth. Ken creates images that viewers enjoy looking at without the need to move on to the next image. He will discuss, in depth, the thought process in making that happen and explain in detail about having 2-5 secondary subjects that compliment your primary subject through compositional alignments...or layers of light. Pre-visualizing the finished image and a little simple research will prove to be the key to improving your imagery to the highest of standards. Join Ken to learn how to improve your images and your vision. This program will change the way that you look at making images!


Ken has enjoyed a diverse career photographing landscapes, astrophotography, people, professional sports, architecture and weddings. Ken spends much of his time photographing, teaching and lecturing both Nationally and Internationally.

Ken Sklute has enjoyed a varied and successful photographic career. He began his photographic journey as a young teenager photographing 200 mph dragsters at his local track. Although his photographic knowledge was limited, his images displayed an innate understanding of composition and clearly showed his ability to capture images that people wanted to see…and were willing to pay for… and so started his career. Ken soon took a job as an apprentice for an established wedding photographer, but he quickly graduated to photographing weddings on his own. He developed a style that is recognizable, desirable, and bookable and eventually branched out to start his own company. He even started photographic trends with his unique wedding images that competing wedding photographers would mimic in their own work.

In Ken’s 46+ year career, he has been sponsored by Canon USA, Epson, Kodak, FStopGear, Delkin Devices, Datacolor and ReallyRightStuff and other industry giants, and has done work for Harley Davidson, New York Times, Associated Press, NHRA, Sports Illustrated, Toyota, and many more.

See more of his work on his website at