Monthly Meetings

Meeting Location

The Duxbury Camera Club monthly meetings are usually held in the "Merry Room", at the Duxbury Free Library, 77 Alden St., on the first Wednesday of every month. Parking is located at the REAR of the building near the tennis courts.

Attend (1) Free Meeting

If you are NOT a Club member but would like to join us for a meeting and see what we are all about, please Contact Us to ask about attending one (1) free meeting. 

Please Note that when Pandemic restrictions are in effect, monthly meetings will be moved to Zoom and members will receive the zoom link via email.

October - "Keeping Your Photography Fresh"

with Bert Sirkin

Date: Wednesday, October 4th @ 7PM

Location: On Zoom (The Zoom link will be emailed to members)


Over time, most photographers naturally develop a unique style or rhythm with their photography. It's where we feel most comfortable.

Keeping your Photography Fresh is all about using what we've learned so far and exploring the endless possibilities to add fresh sparks to our creativity. We'll dive into some exciting techniques to breathe new life into our images and discover fresh perspectives. Together, we'll explore how to stay inspired and keep growing in our photographic journey!


In his early years, Bert Sirkin, apprenticed as a Professional Photographer in Boston.  He became a part-time Professional Photographer by the time he was 19 and taught various computer programming languages at Capital Community Technical college in Hartford, CT for over 20 years.

Bert has taught photography courses since 1970 and has spent 10 years teaching workshops in Everglades NP, Joshua Tree NP & Monument Valley Tribal park. He currently teaches online photography workshops and frequently speaks to photography groups and clubs.

To learn more about Bert Sirkin, please see the following links.

November - "Creative Coastal Photography"

with John Tunney

Date: Wednesday, November 1st @ 7PM

Location: TBA


Coastal environments are rich with expressive subjects for photographers – everything from boats and lighthouses to beaches, harbors, waves, wildlife and more. In this program, photographer John Tunney, who specializes in fine-art coastal photography, will discuss the techniques and concepts he uses in approaching coastal subjects to create his images. Specifically, he'll discuss the use of ultra-long and short exposures, intentional camera motion, lens effects and the use of filters, apps he uses to plan his field shoots, as wells as ideas about creativity, processing, composition and how to “see” a scene, discover its creative potential and produce an expressive image.


John Tunney is a Cape Cod-based fine-art photographer and photography instructor. A frequent exhibitor in art shows and festivals, his award-winning work has been featured in a solo exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA, and in many solo and group shows in galleries and other exhibition centers. He is the author of the photography book, The Four Seasons of Cape Cod, and his images have appeared in books, magazine and newspapers. As a photography educator, he's been a speaker and instructor for many years, leading classes, workshops and tours on Cape Cod, Acadia National Park, Iceland and other areas. He's also a contributing writer to

To learn more about John Tunney, please see his website.

December - "Imaginary Realms"

with George Fellner

Date: Wednesday, December 6th @ 7PM

Location: Merry Room at the Duxbury Free Library, 77 Alden St.


This program reveals the visual exploration of stones and crystals through macro photography as illustrated through the theme of Imaginary Realms. Starting with a discussion about mineralogy, George Fellner describes the initial spark for this journey and the criteria for the implementation of this Earth source material. The description of camera and lighting equipment, along with the photo shoot setup reveals some of the technical considerations. Through the visual display of images, he discusses the ongoing evolvement of this unique form of abstract imagery. Influential art movements including Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism are examined. In particular, the revelations involving points of departure include messages from history, mythology, geology, astronomy, biology, and other themes. In turn, this defines the associative relationships of the images with meaningful messages. Consequently, the creative process results in Imaginary Realms, evoking ancient and future fantasies, as well as planetary and cosmic-scapes, traversing space, time, and dimension. Ultimately, the intent is to stimulate the imagination of both the photographer as well as the observer. This presentation includes photographic and post-processing techniques including focus stacking, lighting strategies, and case studies.


George Fellner, photographer and architect, is committed to a dual life-path involving visual discovery and design, relating to both the natural and built environments. His photographic subjects include landscape, architecture, travel, and nature. The prime focus of his work: Imaginary Realms reveals an endless exploration of the abstractions of reality and the infinite universe. His process involves the macro photography of stones and crystals.

George’s photographs have been published in books, journals, newspapers, and travel guides. In addition, his prints have been exhibited in art galleries and museums in both group and solo shows, and in private art collections. He regularly presents his series of programs at local and regional conferences, as well as presenting to camera clubs, art organizations, mineral clubs, architects, and the general community. His passion for photography was sparked while studying architecture and design. George received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Florida. Now, with over 30 years as principal of Fellner Architects, he continues to utilize his design sensitivities for creative photography.

To learn more about George Fellner, please see the following links.

January - "TBA"

Date: Wednesday, January 3rd @ 7PM

Location: TBA

Description: TBA

February - "TBA"

Date: Wednesday, February 7th @ 7PM

Location: TBA

Description: TBA

March - "Critique Night"

with Lynne Ford

Date: Wednesday, March 6th @ 7PM

Location: On Zoom (The Zoom link will be emailed to members)


Critique Night is a chance to get an award winning, highly skilled, photographer's feedback on one (or two) of your photos. Whether you are thinking about entering  a photo into a competition (or exhibition), or you just want to get some feedback on "What's Wrong or What's Right?" with your image. This is a great learning experience that we encourage all Members to participate in.

Before March 6th, an entry gallery will be opened so that you can upload your image(s) that will be critiqued.

To learn more about our critique judge, Lynne Ford, please see her website at 

April - "Visualization: Picture the Possibilities"

with Colleen Miniuk

Date: Wednesday, April 3rd @ 7PM

Location: On Zoom (The Zoom link will be emailed to members)

Description: TBA

May - "The Infrared Zone"

with Silvana Della

Date: Wednesday, May 1st @ 7PM

Location: Merry Room at the Duxbury Free Library, 77 Alden St.


Do you think you’re photographing in the right dimension? Well, consider this if you dare…

Infrared photography is a journey into a wondrous land of photography where what you see is transformed into another dimension with your camera.

Infrared, or IR photography, offers photographers the opportunity to explore the world of the unseen. Infrared photography creates unique images capable of portraying things not normally visible to the human eye. Learn how infrared photography can give another dimension to your vision of the world.


A software engineer by trade, Silvana began her fascination with photography as a very small child. The early fascination turned into a lifelong obsession. Decades later her passion never faltered, but her view of the world evolved. Photographing what the eye can't perceive is what she loves best to capture.

Master Member NECCC (MNEC) and Past President of the Stony Brook Camera Club, she is the recipient of many photography awards. Her images have appeared in Lighthouse Digest, Yankee Magazine, and the Boston Globe, and were featured in Nikon’s 100th birthday celebration. She has presented and judged at camera club councils, camera clubs, and art associations throughout the US.

Silvana helps others expand their own photographic vision through her photography workshops, photo walks, photo tours, private instruction, and club presentations on various photography topics including infrared, Milky Way, black & white, nightscapes, deep space photography, and time-lapse. She challenges photographers to consider that there is much more in a scene than what is visible to the human eye and to tap into the power of their cameras to discover it.

To her, life is best summarized by the quote “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” – from the 1958 film “Auntie Mame”.

To learn more about Silvana Della, please see the following links.

June - "End-of-Season Slideshows"

Date: Wednesday, June 5th @ 7PM

Location: Merry Room at the Duxbury Free Library, 77 Alden St.

Description: Come join us for our annual End-of-Season party where you will be treated to field trip and Club Member slideshows. This will be a great opportunity to socialize and reconnect.

Refreshments will be served.