Annual Club Show

Duxbury Camera Club

"Exposed 2023" Exhibit

Each year, our Club holds a member show at a local gallery. This year the show is being held at the Duxbury Senior Center and will exhibit photos from over 20 of our Club members. 

Duxbury Senior Center

10 Mayflower St.

(Elevator to 2nd Floor is Available)

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday from 8am - 5pm

Friday 8am to noon

(CLOSED Sat & Sun) 

Opening Reception

We're Sorry, the Opening Reception has been Postponed.

The Senior Center is Temporarily Closed

and will reopen June 12th.

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"Leading Lines Musee d'Orsay"

Alicia Arnold ($325)

"Gurnet Light" by Susan Thanas ($300)

"Water Lilies" by Camille Neville ($250)

"DBMS Reflection" by David Murphy (Not for Sale)

"Field of Flowers" by Steve Schroeder ($300)

"Tender's House" by Evelyn Pezzulich ($250)

"Hello, Hello, Hello..." by Richard Cline ($100)

"Closing Time at the Library" by John Kelly ($300)

"The Girl with the Sun in her Head" by Chris Ruggio (Not for Sale)

"Harvest Sunset" by Judith Montminy ($450)

"And They Swam and They Swam" by Judy Laliberte ($450)

"Fishing in the Mist" by Frank Moccaldi ($200)

"Beach in Queenstown" by Donna Keene ($350)

"Eagle's Nest" by Sally Bousquet ($250)

"Ford GT" by Randy Otto ($250)

"Forgotten" by Asher Ryan ($150)

"West Virginia Homestead" by Pamela Webster-Walsh ($250)

"Powder Point Bridge Winter Storm" by Robert Wydro ($175)

"Vision in White" by Mari Ryan ($100)

"Black & White Bridge Reflection" by Laurie Wenham ($250)

"Awaiting Summer" by James Gosnell ($100)

"Nauset Nightlight" by Tom McManus ($150)

"Fiery-throated Hummingbird" by Terri Nickerson ($275)

"Can you smell it yet?" by Karen Obillo ($150)

"Flume Waterfall" by Kirk Obillo ($200)